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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Gleeful Day!

Today has been a good day! Starting with the end and working backward: Shayanna threw a wonderful Glee party (I got my Glee cherry popped,) where I finally got to introduce Hannah to my Praxis peeps. I was able to have some quality Hannah time before she leaves to go home for the summer. I got a surprise package containing fabulous looking Smartwool socks and wind chimes from my BFF Bobi. I had a wonderful active yoga session (the first active session since I got pneumonia.) I have released attachment to salvaging this semester. (Pray, but row for the shore.) I thought I had gotten past the cognitive deficits of the Lyme but they seem to have returned when I got pneumonia. I might still be able to save one class but I am working towards not beating myself up if I have to withdraw from all my classes. I am continuing to try to break-through this brain fog- still writing and trying to read. I got an encouraging email from one of my professors. I am still tired and coughing a lot, but I made it to class today! On Thursday I leave to go home to Maryland for my 20th high school reunion. Now- bed.

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